1.      The Society for Experimental Prehistoric Archaeology (hereafter called The Society) operating at the Institute of Archeology, Nicolaus Copernicus University, has been established in accordance with ordinance of Minister of Science and Higher Education from 1 X 1988, with the approval of Rector of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń.


 2.      The Society is a scientific, practical and research activity of students and academic staff.

3.      The aim of The Society is an attempt to reconstruct certain areas related to life and culture of primeval societies.

4.      Current research interests of The Society are determined on the basis of individual or team proposals of the members and (after an opinion by Supervisor and Management is given) is subject to voting.


 5.      The ruling body of the Society is its Board, consisting of three people, elected at a Society meeting from among its members.

6.      Granting the function of the Society President to as particular person occurs thorough voting of the members. The remaining functions are given to other members by mutual agreement.

7.      The term of office is one calendar year.

8.      The advisory and opinionating body is the Society supervisor approved by the Head of Inst. of Archaeology NCU.


 9.      Candidates for the Society Members may be all the interested ones, particularly students of archeology, geography, biology, history, chemistry, as well as people with graduate degrees.

10.  Membership in the Society is divided into candidate and full ones. The status of the Member-Candidate is obtained on the basis of one’s own declaration. The full membership on the other hand is determined by voting, on the basis of an assessment of the prior activity of a Candidate. The granting of the full membership is applied for by the Board or the Supervisor of the Society, after a three-month trial period.


 11.  The Society members gather at the request of the Board, one week in advance minimum – every time, but not less than two twice in a month (except the holiday period from VII to IX inclusive). 12.  The decisions of the Society are made in the form of resolutions adopted by simple majority. Exception are resolutions on the Society liquidation, changes in the regulations as well as changes in the amount of contributions – they have to be made with the 60% majority, in the presence of at least 60% full Members.    


13.  The statutory fund of the Society for Experimental Prehistoric Archaeology includes contributions from the Members and grants awarded directly for the Society activity. Distribution of statutory funds into individual projects is subject to ordinary voting.

14.  In matters of dispute, the Opinionating Body (consisting of the Supervisor and the Board of the Society) will constitute a third of votes in voting.


 15.  Members of the Society may be expelled from it due to the following reasons:
a)      not making financial contributions (in three consecutive months), 
b)      avoiding participation the works of the Society (absence in three consecutive meetings).

16.  The Board is dismissed by the majority, at the request of at least ten Society Members.

17.  The Society is liquidated pursuant to a resolution of the Society Members or decision of the Rector in accordance with applying regulations (DU Nr 65 z 27.09.1990 r. Poz. 385 art. 159 ust. 5).

18.  Issues beyond the scope of this statute are covered by Regulations of the Society, prepared by the Society Members.